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Long Hands

Available Services

Music Direction

Please inquire for price.

Sheet Music Copying (Transcription, Transposition, etc.)

For piano, piano/vocal, or piano/vocal/guitar transcriptions: $50.00 per piece up to ten pages; +$5.00 for every page over.

For more than three instruments and/or voices: +$15.00 for every additional 1-3 parts ($65.00 for 4-6 parts, $80.00 for 7-9 parts, etc.)


For rehearsals and auditions: $50.00 per up to an hour.

Please inquire for price for shows, religious services, events, and the like.

Composition (Music, Lyrics, Orchestration, etc.)


Please inquire for price.

Piano Tracks

For a full piano accompaniment track: $30.00 per track.

For a melody track only: $15.00 per track.

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