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Check out the collaborations I have been a part of/am actively a part of! These include music and theatre collaborations, along with collaborations with organizations/topics/passions that are important to me.

Gay Pride Apparel

I am a proud ambassador for Gay Pride Apparel! Here is a gallery of some of my favorite purchases (click the image to view). This is an incredible business to support, whether you are part of the queer community like me or even just an ally! You can use the one-time code GRACEFRANKLYNCREATIVEARTS at checkout for 15% off your next purchase, or follow this link:

IMG_0880 2.jpg

Still: The Artistry & Life of Fanny J. Crosby Reimagined

This original Spring 2021 musical by ONU Theatre was the first piece of musical theatre I worked on professionally, when I was a sophomore in college. As part of the composition team, I was primarily a notations consultant. Specifically, many of the vocal harmonies you will hear were notated and/or composed by me, including but not limited to: "Sound Of Hope," "Sea Shanty," "Learning," "Discovery," and "Love Song." You can check out the official cast album on Spotify by clicking the image below.

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