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Franklyn Grace Creative Arts

Music Director/Accompanist/Pit Musician.



And a whole bunch of other stuff too.

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About Me

Music and musical theatre are my first and greatest loves. I am a professional pianist with fifteen years' classical training, I have a bachelor's in Music Composition and Piano Performance with a Musical Theatre minor, I am currently earning my master's in Writing & Design for Musical Theatre at Berklee NYC, and I have accompanied and/or music directed many musical theatre shows - as well as written one stage play and three musicals of my own, soon to be four. I can't wait to share my creative endeavors with you, and hopefully work with you on yours too!

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A Multifaceted Creative Artist

From working on my own artistic endeavors to helping you with yours, this is the creative life to which I have dedicated myself wholeheartedly. I strive to be someone that others can look up to and find joy in, not just through my music but also through my identity as a human being. I believe with everything in me that creative arts are one of the most beautiful expressions of humanity to ever grace our universe.

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